See it like that when you finally decide to give professional consultancy work a try-out. Perhaps at this point in your club’s life, you really have nothing to lose from investing new time and money in professional golf course business services. This is something you should be raising at your club’s next sit-down meeting. It is not something that should be left until the next AGM rolls around. That may be too long to wait.

It may even be too late by then. You see, all around the country, golfing clubs could be dropping like flie, particularly those amateur links. Simply not enough club membership revenue is being collected. And even if each and every club member paid their dues, it is usually not even close to enough to sustain a gold club. It’s true. Running a golf club is no walk in the park. It could cost millions to run a golf club each and every year.

golf course business services

It really does make sense to invest in professional golf course business services. The responsible board members should not be overly concerned about the costs of hiring a club consultant. The idea is to just sit quietly and listen to what he has to say. He may well surprise you with an ace. This could be a proposal that allows the club to raise new funds from different sources. And perhaps this is a consultant who is quite happy to wait until the club’s revenue stream starts ticking upstream again.

It is worthwhile considering the club course work on an ongoing basis. Because running a golf club is really almost a 24-hour affair. Just one day off from work if you will could just upset the applecart.